Michael Galen
Software Engineer Product Designer

Portland, OR

Software Engineer experienced in UX and product design. Specializing in Javascript, using a modern JS stack. Passionate about music, performing arts, and public-utility products. Interested in machine learningand web3.

Profile photo of Michael and his amazing hair in a gold jacket.


Screenshots of the LMC website on desktop and mobile.

Lones Management Consulting

Dev | Design

Design and development for a large management consulting firm's new website. Created brand assets, a design system, micro-interactions, and a CMS for the client to update data collections on their website.

Tools: Webflow, Figma

Mockups of the Rejoice Diaspora dance theater website on mobile and desktop

Redesign & Development of RejoiceDiasporaDance.com

Dev | Design

Full redesign and development of the company website. Process involved a content audit, competitor analysis, wireframes, prototyping, development, and feedback sessions.

Tools: Webflow, Figma

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PM | UX | UI | Dev

Responsive eCommerce website automating  the booking and purchasing processes for Shannon Kelly - Massage, Movement, Energy, as well as promotional content.

Tools: wordpress, Adobe XD

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Mockups of Aiya Productions website


PM | UX | UI | Dev

Sleak responsive website with css animations for a contemporary circus theater company in Portland, OR. The goal: overhaul an existing website to better represent the company aesthetic, archive works, and demonstrate credibility.

Tools: wordpress, Adobe XD

Hero image of the POPgoji website landing page.



Band website centralizing media and social content, and providing essential assets to press and promoters to streamline communications.



Select Engineering Projects

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Flow diagram of there client server model

Building and Deploying a NodeJS web service

Fullstack Engineer

Mailchimp subscriber web service. Built with NodeJS and the Mailchimp API.
Tools: NodeJS, Express, Bootstrap

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Illustration of my web development process

Interview Take-home Project

Frontend Engineer

A take home project to demonstrate how I write code, solve problems, and develop UI. Focused on vanilla JS, and using SCSS.

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Fiesta Prep

Frontend Engineer

Built a responsive tequila cocktail recipe website with server side routing and page generation, using NextJS / ReactJS, a recipe database with a public api, and then deployed with Vercel.

Tools: NPM, ReactJS, NextJS, Vercel

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Cyber Security React app


Given a JSON file with 500 records of cyber security vulnerabilities (CVE’s) found in a system, my challenge was to create a functioning and aesthetically pleasing webpage to display all the data and help a user easily navigate and understand the data.

Tools: ReactJS, HTML, CSS, JS

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Mobile mockup of the web app swing division.

Swing Division

Frontend Engineer

Developed a unique metronome web app for practicing swing feels.

Tools: HTML, JS, CSS, HowlJS, WebAudio API

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thumbnail of deep ink case study

Deep Ink


Responsive web app helping tattoo enthusiasts design unregrettable tattoos.

Tools: Adobe XD, Usability HUB, OptimalWorkshop

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Dink - A Deep Ink design system

Dink - Design System

UI | Design System

A robust design system for Deep Ink and any affiliated products. The system specifies: color, typography, grids, common UI elements, language, tone of voice, accessibility, and illustrations.

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A UI and Interaction design mockup of a headphones landing page with parallax scrolling

Creative Challenges


UI and Interaction design samples I made for Adobe XD's Daily Challenge prompts.

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landing page of the final prototype

Tapestry A.I.


SaaS product that uses powerful A.I. to help standardize and parse both qualitative and quantitative data in one easy to use space. Visualize and share insights as beautiful reports to help you make feedback driven decisions!

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Thumbnail of portfolio website case study

Portfolio Website


Responsive portfolio website.
I wanted to learn more about front-end development so that I could communicate easily with developers and design with their workflow in mind.

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CSS Animation


A challenge to show my css animation skills! Using Keyframes and CSS transformations, I animated my home town Portland, OR.

Biggest challege: locating the center point of the sun to rotate it. Since rotation transformations default to the origin point of the svg canvas.