Specialty Coffee supply

Woman Owned Coffee Startup Streamlines Business with New Online Store

Multiple large screen mockups of the final SCS website.


  • E-Commerce
  • UX/UI Design
  • Website
  • SEO
  • Content Mgmt System
  • Art Direction



The founder of Specialty Coffee Supply (SCS) - Nicole - has been in the café business for years. She owned and operated her own café and roaster. She made syrups and sourced from women coffee farmers. Nicole discovered an opportunity to apply her values to the café supply chain. She created an ethically focused one-stop-shop for consumable café supplies. SCS empowers women and sources local for grocery, syrups, and more.


SCS was already operational without a website. This was thanks to the founder’s industry relationships. Managing transactions and record keeping was tedious. The business needed an online store to automate transactions and administrative tasks. SCS partnered with MGalen Design to create that online store.


The new website cut SCS’s administrative tasks in half. It automated transactions, receipt emails, shipping costs and record keeping. Customers from new markets began finding and using SCS. This was thanks to the search engine optimization MGalen provided. The effective user experience design cultivated loyal customers.

Mockups of the final courses page on desktop and mobile.

“One of the most impactful changes has been the speed and ease of processing payments. This improvement has saved us countless hours in invoicing, allowing us to focus more on growing our business and less on administrative tasks.”

Nicole Tignor, CEO & Founder - Specialty Coffee Supply



SCS is primarily a B2B bulk supplier. Their customers often know what they need and are coming to make purchases quickly. We created a strategy to streamline checkout while elevating the brand ethics.

Screenshot presentation of a competitor analysis for the design of this coffee supply e-commerce site.


Negative space creates a sense of peace. The black and white color palette gives focus to the products. Navigation is clear and to the point, perfect for business to business operations. The feeling is elegant and warm. It compliments the women behind the business and the coffee. The typography is neutral and sans-serif for easy reading.

Screen shot of the clickable mid-fidelity prototype.


During development, we knew it was crucial that Nicole could easily change and update products. She also needed to offer discounts. We created a Content Management System (CMS) that was intuitive and fast. A form adds new products, with each field providing a specific SCS product example. This makes product database management a breeze. Transactions were set up to handle PayPal, used by some existing customers, as well as all major credit cards. Automated purchase and shipping receipts are always sent. All this helps reduce administration tasks. We used Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques to enhance discoverability. Later, it proved itself with customers from new markets.

Long scroll mockup of the final SCS website on tablet

“Thank you once again for your outstanding work. I am confident that your skills will be immensely beneficial to anyone looking for top-tier web design services.”

Nicole Tignor, CEO & Founder - Specialty Coffee Supply

Screenshot of Courses page
Screenshot of the Services section.
Screen shot of a courses pitch.
Screent shot of products page.

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