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Branding a New Management Consulting Firm

Multiple device mockups of LMC website on different pages.


  • Logo Design
  • Brand Strategy
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design & Development
  • Brand Assets
  • Slide Deck Templates
  • CMS



Experienced management consultant Aaron Lones made the leap to go independent. He launched his own firm, Lones Management Consulting (LMC). The new company already had clients and projects. This was thanks to Aaron’s established reputation and contacts. So, the branding needed to catch up, as well as the marketing collateral and web presence. LMC partnered with MGalen Design for a holistic project. It involved logo design, copy, content creation, strategy, and web design.


We needed to create a memorable and relevant brand and digital presence. One with a lasting first impression, yet room to grow. The firm specialized in the healthcare industry. However, it knew it was versatile and wanted the brand to be industry agnostic. LMC needed a logo and a whole design system. They also needed to be discoverable with a website. The website should communicate confidence, experience, and social intelligence.


LMC launched with a brand that feels holistic, intentional, and detail oriented. A seamless design system connects the logo, the website, and the presentation slides. It includes typography, color, and graphics. We created a robust logo library with assorted orientations and formats. We included light and dark variants to fit all potential uses. The new website references the Pacific NW (LMC’s home) and healthcare without marrying the firm to either. Clients and referrals have a simple point of contact and can view past work and credibility.

Presentation of final LMC logo and design specs with website mockup.

“Michael developed the branding, logo, and website for my consulting business. In my role I’ve worked with a lot of designers. What really sets him apart is his professionalism and process around discovery, design, and review. He understood my team’s vision and was able to quickly translate it into a solid draft that we loved.”

Aaron Lones, Principal & Founder - Lones Management Consulting



This project was divided into smaller projects. We first focused on the logo. It would establish key brand elements, such as color and typography. The web design project focused on creating an appropriate user experience. It aimed to communicate clarity, confidence, and expertise. Primary visitors would be client referrals, so we focused on their needs. They would see case studies immediately, with opportunities to dig deeper. Testimonials would also be important and permeate the site.

Screenshot of the logo research and analysis for LMC's new logo
Logo Research
Screenshot of the research and analysis done for LMC's website.
Web Design Research


We wanted the colors to reference healthcare while feeling calm and confident. The palette leads with cool greenish-blue colors and white. The logo accents the firm name with a bold salmon-red. The typography is a neutral sans-serif font, expressing precision and clarity. The website’s layout uses lots of negative space and low contrast for a feeling of ease and focus. Whimsical and simple illustrations break up information. They added humanness to complex topics. Images of the pacific NW reference the firm’s home town.

We created presentation slide templates with the logo, typography, and color guidelines. This ensures a consistent look and feel.

LMC design style guide.


The user experience and visual design were the primary concerns for this website. Visitors would be a focused group coming from referrals for a specific need. Using a static site met all requirements and allowed page load time to be its fastest. Pleasing visitors and supporting Search Engine Optimization.

Check out our LOGO DESIGN process in more detail ->>Long scroll mockups of lmc website on mobile and tablet.

“Perhaps most important for me, he led the process with an ease, sincere interest and sense of playfulness that translated to a responsive and transparent delivery of options as we iterated to land our final design. I would gladly recommend Michael to my clients.”

Aaron Lones, Principal & Founder - Lones Management Consulting

Screenshot of LMC case studies.
Screenshot of LMC contact and footer.
Screenshot of LMC homepage
Screen shot of LMC team page

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