Aiya Productions

Contemporary Circus Theater Makes Us Laugh and Cry

Aiya Productions mockups on different devices.


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Aiya Productions was founded by artistic director and multi-faceted performer Amaya Alvarado. Her artistic voice was already established by numerous productions across the country. She was now receiving funding and producing larger shows. Aiya Productions needed a digital home. They wanted to show experience, communicate credibility, and garner support.


Aiya Productions partnered with us to develop a web presence. It would be easily discoverable by funders and presenters. The website needed to express high-level art and professionalism. It needed to inspire foundations and benefactors to support.


We created a beautiful image forward website with a dark theme. It reflects the black box theater of high-caliber productions. Previous creations are easily found and elegantly displayed. Logos of previous funders for specific shows are utilized to establish credibility.

Long scroll mockups of Aiya Productions.



Having a client in the arts, it was imperative we understood her aesthetic. We discussed which theater companies inspired her. Those companies that were at a level she aspired to grow to. Then, we researched those companies to analyze how they present online. The website needed to feel like a performance itself. With show photos or video at the forefront.

Mid-fidelity wireframes of Aiya productions.


The home page was designed to feel like an immersive show. It uses a full-width and full-height image slider. Unique ripple effects transition each photo. We created a dark theme to reflect the black box theater. Production history is easily discovered, using enough detail to excite but not bore.

Final mockups on multiple devices for Aiya Productions.


Our target visitors would arrive via a link. Grant panels want to see and digest websites fast while parsing tons of funding applications. We made sure to optimize images, speeding up load time. This would help create a pleasant experience for visitors in a rush.

Long scroll mockups of Aiya Productions.
Aiya Productions home page screen shot, showing full screen show photography.
Aiya Productions home page screen shot, showing full screen show photography.
Aiya Productions home page screen shot, showing full screen show photography.
Screenshot of a show page for Aiya Productions, illustrating the dark theme.

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