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UI Design Explorations

Always exploring new trends and learning techniques, here are some UI mockups and prototypes I created during public design challenges and personal projects.


Branding includes logo creation and use case documentation, style guides for various use cases, and design systems that help create a cohesive look and feel for the whole brand in all it's expressions. This includes language, imagery, formatting, typographic styles, do's and dont's, etc. These decisions get made based on research, testing/insights, and client goals and aesthetics.

Design specifications for the Lones management consulting logo

LMC - Logo Design Case Study

Design | PM

Branding and logo design for a new consulting management firm in Portland. View my process and discover how clients are included along the way to build trust and confidence.

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Select Graphic Designs

I started my design career around 2011 creating print materials for non-profits, as well as posters and album art for bands. I still love the creative freedom of posters and the flexibility of print materials. Here's a selection from that work.

Press kit for Pole Disclosure circus theater show.Press kit for Pole Disclosure circus theater show.Promotional graphic for Keys Beats Bars, utilizing graffiti lettering and drums imagerPersonal project design featuring a dancer mirrored and cut out through a swirling pattern.Poster for a dance theater show highlighting an ensemble shot and creating graphic typeDance theater poster playing with color and typographic layoutSquash themed poster promoting a fall potluck for social justice actionEvent poster focusing on music of the African diaspora. The shape of Africa is filled with portraits of iconic afro-diasporic musiciansFestival poster for a south American circus themed party. Graphic features a pineapple in wearing sunglasses.