Website Redesign Process for Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater

Mockups of the Rejoice Diaspora dance theater website on mobile and desktop


Rejoice! Diaspora Dance Theater is an 8 year old non-profit dance theater company that has gown exponentially. The existing website was patched together over time as new programs and aspects of the company developed. The site was created originally by the company’s ambitious founder, without design or development know-how, using Weebly’s free platform. Though it functioned well enough for its time, the website no longer accurately represented Rejoice’s aesthetic or professionalism.

Rejoice Website Goals:


Redesign the existing company website and utilize a new CMS to provide a better user experience via more distilled content and clearer information architecture. Also, enhance the look and feel to better match the quality of the company’s work (and better compete with others in the industry).


illustration of my redesign process

Content Audit

Screenshot of content audit document

Competitor Research & Analysis

Repository of research screenshots and analysis
Research Repository & Analysis

Information Architecture

Combining information and insights from both the content audit and the competitor analysis enabled me to design a first iteration site map, honing in on the information architecture of the website.

first iteration of the new site map


screenshot of Figma high fidelity prototype
High fidelity Figma prototype


Screenshot of the webflow user interface
Designing in Webflow
Screenshot of creating a new CMS collection with relevant fields
Designing CMS collections and their respective fields


Visit to see their amazing work!